Fashion Inspired Shoot | Jodie

When the opportunity knocked at my door late last year to photograph a woman in a fashion inspired shoot, on location, out in the country, Spell Designs inspired… I did a little happy dance. Ok, I did more of a little happy dance, I actually shouted HELL YES! And quickly got to work organising this dream shoot.
In fact, I was a little more excited to learn that I was not working with a professional model. But in fact, a gorgeous woman with no prior modelling experience. One that was keen to embrace this shoot with an open heart, one that had to fight through nerves of the unknown and doubt to embrace who she is at this very moment.
These are my favourite women to photograph in any form; be it a ‘model for a day’ session all the way to business branding headshots.
She is nervous and unsure of herself. Scared to come face to face with a photograph of herself. I love watching these women grow more confident in their beauty as the shoot goes on.

That initial nervous feeling that has keep many women away from getting their portraits taken is what I fight against everyday. I always said to my husband; If I could clone myself I would get portraits done once a year. Because I trust my skill as a photographer to capture the beauty I see in front of me. I have yet to find another photographer in my state that I feel comfortable enough with to capture these portraits for me. And I wonder to myself how many women out their would love portraits of themselves, with their families, business headshots or even to capture heirlooms for their kids, and their kids. But have not been able to find the right photographer. So years go by and they still don’t have these portraits. A lot can happen in a year…

I actually asked my mother this same question. As she has never used a professional photographer in her life (except for a amateur photographer they hired for their wedding photos). My bother and I don’t have professional family portraits of when we were kids. We may have the occasional snapshot taken by mum or dad on film. But nothing I could hang on the walls as my past, and heirloom for my children.

So when a woman sends through an enquiry, I get so excited that I can lock this moment in time for her. Something she will gift to her lover, partner, husband, children and for herself. Even if she using the images for her business or keeps her images in a draw. One day she will look at them and be thankful they are there.

Anyways, back to the original post: ‘The gorgeous Jodie and her Fashion Inspired Portraits!’

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DIY Studio Backdrops

At the start of this year I decided to paint my own backdrop for the studio. Thinking that this little project will be ‘easy’, and fun.
Well…let me just say, it’s not as easy as I though and requires hours, if not days to complete.
However, while it has it challenges, I never expected to fall in love with a painted canvas as much as I do.
It could be because of the time and patience that’s required to create an unique backdrop.
Or the fact that each backdrop I have completed since then has been so different in colour and texture, giving each drop its unique style to the portraits I capture.

I absolutely love the texture of a canvas backdrop. And while I thought I would be purchasing solid colour paper backdrops for the studio. I have now decided against this because of the texture and artistic feel it gives to the portraits.
The canvas I paint on is 3m x 3m. Which is pretty big for the little studio space I have. And to be honest, any bigger it would take days to complete as the canvas requires several layers of paint.
Since this first one (picture below ‘ blue/green’) I have completed 4 others and have plans to add two more the start of next year.

My recent complete backdrop ‘Purple Rain’

Ainsley | Pinup Inspired Session

The gorgeous Ainsley came into the studio for her first ‘pinup’ inspired shoot.
She is the ultimate 1950’s pinup model and blow me away with her confidence, beauty and of course her ‘to die for’ wardrobe. We started outside and played amongst the Bottlebrush while it was in full bloom, and then the rest of the shoot was in the studio using only natural light and reflectors. I love the way natural light wraps around my subjects and provides a soft glow which I think works beautifully in these pinup inspired portraits.

Emma | Boudoir Session

The Lovely Emma came into the studio a few weeks ago for a special Boudoir Session.
After her pre-consultation to design her dream boudoir session, we decided to grab inspiration from Vogue, with a twist of art and some clean and crisp ‘bridal’ boudoir images.

I advised all my clients to choose at least 3 outfits for their photo shoot. This creates 3 different looks and styles for my clients to select images from.
A lot of time and effort goes into each shoot, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to get the most out of your session.
Because trust me; when you return to the studio for your image reveal session. You will understand the benefit of being able to pick and choose from a variety of images from your photo shoot.

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Jaz | Styled Portraiture

I loved being able to capture some portraits for Jaz – not just because I get to create some gorgeous portraits, but more for being able to meet her and get to know who she is and listen to all her awesome stories. Honestly, this babe certainly lives life to the fullest, and has met tons of famous people, I could seriously just sit and listen to her adventures for hours.

This is one of the new backdrops I’ve painted recently. I’m very proud of it – haha. It took two days and a massive mess to clean up after. But it was worth it. The bottom picture is showing off another one I created in cooler tones. I have space for one more painted backdrop in my studio. Not sure what colour to do yet, maybe something a little warmer. 🙂

Sugar Kane | White Sheet Portrait Session

Finally I can share with you Sugar Kane’s ‘White Sheet’ Session, which graced the pages of international magazine ‘Sweet & Inked’ Spring 2016 issue.

The white sheet session makes for a lovely crisp ‘boudoir’ styled portraits.
This option can be an add-on to other styles of portraiture during the session. Or just by itself.

Even though it’s a simple set up, using only natural light as the backdrop, a bed and white sheets.
Each and every women I have photographed using the ‘white sheet’ look, have all brought their own style and sassiness to the shoot.
Not one looks a like or portrays the same feel. I’ve seen it look sexy and adventuress, as well as soft, pretty and alluring.

A few questions I’ve been asked about how this style works:

Do you have to be naked?
No. While I love the look of skin against the white sheets, I have photographed this style with a client wearing a white tank top. My only advice is to keep your outfit white so it doesn’t distract from your facial features. It also works well with a strapless bra or top to give to illusion of bare skin under the sheets.

Should I tan before the session?
Interesting question because a know a lot of photographers suggest you don’t. However, if you’re a frequent tanner and you feel more comfortable. I say go ahead. If you accidently turn out a bit more orange, it’s ok. I can correct the colour later in photoshop. It’s not hard to do. BUT what is very difficult and time consuming is when clients have tan lines. These can be corrected in post process, but it takes a lot of time. I would prefer a fake tan than tan lines any day.

Here’s a few from Sugars session to share with you all. 🙂



Jess | Styled Portraiture

Had a lot of fun in the studio with this colourful bombshell. In fact, it was more of a honour being able to take her portrait.
Jess a.k.a Miss Cherry Bombshell is a very talented model. With multiple wins at Pinup Competitions and several of her photos published in both magazines and newspapers. This babe certainly didn’t disappoint when in front of my camera.
Loved every second of the shoot, and loved meeting her in person.

So, with that said, here are a few shots from her portrait session:


Ash | White Sheet Portraiture

I’ve had a few enquiries on what I mean by the ‘White Sheet Session’, and what this shoot looks like.

The idea came from the famous Marilyn Monroe white sheet shoot; photographed by Douglas Kirkland.
The White Sheet Session makes the perfect add-on the any session – or even a session on its own.
So many wonderful poses and looks can be achieved with just simple makeup, a white sheet and you.
Sessions can take place in my studio or in your own home.

A massive thank you to my friend and gorgeous model Ash for showing  how the White Sheet Sessions work.

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